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If you are a Chinese company or often do business in China, you must know Alibaba and Made In China. Alibaba and Made In China and other e-commerce websites collect many Chinese enterprise products, provide efficient and reliable information exchange and trade service platforms for global buyers, and create unlimited business opportunities for Chinese enterprises and global buyers. But have you heard of

What is

Alibaba Group has many different subsidiaries, such as:

Alibaba( is a direct platform to serve international merchants.

TaoBao( belongs to the same e-commerce platform as Amazon, eBay, Wish.

1688 ( is a direct platform to serve domestic factories and customers, reducing the involvement of intermediaries.

1688 Alibaba Group’s flagship business, is China’s leading e-commerce platform for small business domestic trade. As a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, 1688 represents the interests of enterprises in the CBBS e-commerce system, provides commercial information and convenient and secure online transactions for tens of millions of buyers and suppliers worldwide, and is also a community for businessmen to meet friends and interact authentically.

1688 takes wholesale and procurement business as the core, and optimizes the business model of enterprise e-commerce comprehensively by professional operation and perfecting customer experience. 1688 has covered 16 major categories of industries such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, household department stores, and small commodities, providing a series of supply services from raw materials procurement – production and processing – spot wholesale, etc.

In 2018, nearly half a million SMEs provided services through 1688 cross-border platform for platforms such as Sotheby’s, Amazon, Wish, eBay, Aliexpress ect. in 220 countries and regions around the world; within one year, the transaction scale and buyers of cross-border exclusive market grew more than four times.

About 1688 Sourcing

As of March 2021, it is estimated that there are 4,457,000 registered enterprises in China. there are about 1.3 million with trade export qualifications, and only about 550,000 enterprises with actual import and export records. is the predecessor of Because of the communication barrier of language, is just an e-commerce platform to help companies showcase their products in China. And is the e-commerce platform to show their products to other countries. “” is the world’s largest Purchase wholesale market. makes the majority of small and medium retailers provide more in-depth supply chain services and provide more source quality goods.

As the world’s first factory, China has the world’s most complete industrial categories and the largest industrial capacity. Overproduction is the biggest problem facing China. Some large enterprises can sell and export their products through their own advantages, while many small enterprises that can provide high-quality products in China are facing the problem of overproduction.

In order to solve this problem, we think of the popular e-commerce platform in recent years. If we can cooperate with some high-quality products through sellers of the e-commerce platform, we can sell these products directly to terminal customers.

Our Advantage

1688 is just one of our channels, and we are only one hour away from Yiwu, Shanghai, and Suzhou. With our geographical advantage, we also have a large number of nearby factory resources, and we can also participate in exhibitions to increase our resources. Inspection of goods and factories is more convenient and fast.

“1688sourcing“ is a company with 15 years of import and export experience. The company is located in the beautiful West Lake -Hangzhou city,China. Although we are a new purchasing company, we believe we can help you with our rich experience .

1688souring is looking forward to your cooperation. 1688sourcing is direct negotiation with factories directly to purchase, so the price is cheaper than Alibaba. And the resources we have in hand can also provide more competitive prices.

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