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How do Amazon sellers buy from China?

The rapid spread of “COVID-19” has caused various countries to implement a “closed” state. Many industries have been affected, but the sales of the e-commerce industry have increased significantly.particularly Amazon.As lockdowns and mobility restrictions in early 2020 shut down a number of brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon’s second-quarter sales rose 40% from a year earlier.

The rise of e-commerce in a Covid-19 world, underscores a broad shift to digital in the way we live, work and buy. Months on, the virus continues to affect economic and social activity. A return to the old ways of doing business seems impossible, at least any time soon. Hence, many sellers are looking to take their businesses online.

Whether you are an Amazon seller, an eBay seller, a Wish seller, etc., when you sign up for an e-goods platform, the next two steps are finding products and purchasing products. If you are not a manufacturer of goods, you may be aware of how to find and source products for your Amazon store. Read on.

If you are experienced, you can choose some popular products according to the market conditions in your own country. If you are a new comer, you can ask for our help. We will help you find the most popular products according to our experience.

Once you have found what you want, the next step is how to correctly purchase what you want. Problems you may encounter in purchasing

  1. Expensive charge when fly to China for buying.
  2. Cost much time to contact with different suppliers at the same time
  3. Quality can ‘t be guaranteed
  4. Goods can’t be delivered as promised
  5. Sometimes being defrauded and suffer great losses

You may need an agent to help you with these issues, This is where a sourcing agent like 1688Sourcing comes in, With our experience and expertise in sourcing a wide variety of products from China — the world’s factory.

Why buy from China?

Since 2009, China has been the world’s largest exporter, “Mache in Chia” can be seen everywhere in the world,

Once a Japanese TV station made a program, “Can we not make it in China in Japan?” And the answer is “Yes, but can’t be live.” Although it is only a program, we can see that the products made in China have impressed the life of people all over the world.

China has a bigger advantage in Asia than Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, etc.

  • China’s supply chains are among the most developed.China has been the world’s largest exporting nation since 2009.
  • China’s industry is unrivalled, with a variety of globally competitive industries such as smartphones, clothing, computers and furniture
  • China might be export-driven, but it has a huge domestic market.
  • Chinese manufacturers have invested heavily in technology, infrastructure and skills development to stay competitive
  • Chinese cities have their own products,For example, Yongkang in Zhejiang is famous for its hardware products, Haining is famous for leather products, Pinghu and Baigou in Hebei are famous for luggage products in Zhejiang Province, and also Dongguan’s electronic products and Yangzhou’s shoes.

Where to look for China suppliers?

There are many routes you can take to find a China wholesale supplier:

B2B websites: Look for them on online marketplaces like Alibaba, Global Sources and Made in China. They provide customer reviews and have rating systems for manufacturers, which can help you select and shortlist.

Trade fairs: If you have the time, money and inclination, visit a trade fair in China or one that attracts Chinese manufacturers in another country. Direct interactions are great for fostering long-term relationships. China hosts several trade fairs every year, including the bi-annual Canton Fair, its largest.

Industry resources: Recommendations from trade bodies and fellow business owners is another way of finding China wholesale suppliers.

Sourcing agents: A China sourcing agent, such as Sourcing Allies, can help you find suppliers and guide you through the often complex sourcing process. 1688Sourcing has been helping businesses in the US and western Europe manufacture and source from China, India and eastern Europe since 2016. When it comes to finding China wholesale manufacturers, 1688Sourcinghas a distinct advantage over its competitors.

As a local sourcing company in China, we are in a favorable geographical position,which is only one hour’s drive to Yiwu, Shanghai and Suzhou. The advantageous location allows us to have more choices of suppliers, and also reduces the time of factory inspection, goods inspection and increases the work efficiency. In addition we are very close to Shanghai and Ningbo ports

We can help you find an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in China. An OEM is a manufacturing specialist that makes a product or component for another company – that would be you – that provides it with the product design and specifications. You can sell this product or component as it is or by adding value to it (assembling it with other components) under your brand on Amazon.

We can help you select and shortlist suppliers by considering production process and product type. Then, our team will provide a quote based on that. In addition, we will carry out a supplier evaluation, which will give you finer details ranging from health, safety and environmental responsibility to production capability and capacity.

At all stages of production, we will clearly communicate your requirements to your chosen manufacturer, conduct quality control inspections, take care of documentation, shipping and transportation, draw up payment terms and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Come to 1688Sourcing and have all your China product sourcing queries answered. We are proud of ourselves for being the best, and we look forward to working with you!

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