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Introduction of Our Services and Charges
If you do not have a supplier and need to find a supplier and arrange QC and transportation

(1) , Product search and quotation:

We will help you find the right supplier according to your needs and provide the most competitive quotation. In this process, it takes time to find a suitable price, so we will charge a commission of $50-200. If we can maintain long-term cooperation, we will refund this fee.

If you have a supplier but need QC and transportation

(2) ,General quality inspection:

If you have a product supplier but need someone in China to help you check the quality and arrange the delivery to your country or Amazon performance center, our basic plan is very suitable for you. Pay 5% service charge. We charge a service fee according to the difficulty of the work.

We will open 20-30% of the cartons and randomly check the number of each carton. If defective products are found, your agent will negotiate with the supplier on your behalf to solve the problem. Or we can hire workers to repair defects in the warehouse before the goods are shipped out of China.

By charging a service fee of 5%, we can conduct unlimited inspections until the defect problem is solved. In contrast, if you hire a third-party inspection company, they usually charge $200-300 / person / day, and they can only report the problem, not help you solve the problem. Unless you hire more inspectors, they usually only carry out a small number of inspections on each batch of products.

(3) ,Free warehouse:

Our warehouse in China can be used free of charge for 1 month. You can take the time to send us more products. We help you collect all products and integrate them into a batch of goods to save your cost. From the second month, we will charge a storage fee of US $10 / m3 / month. If it is a small amount of goods, we can stack them free of charge.

(4) ,Product transportation:

For most modes of transportation, whether express, sea, air or train, we can help you obtain highly competitive transportation prices. We can help you ship your products to your address or a third-party performance center, and handle the import and customization process.

For large quantities of goods, we can transport them by sea, clear customs through us, or clear customs by ourselves. For small items, we can choose door-to-door service to deliver the goods directly to you.

(5) ,Arrange shipment:

We help you ship products from China to your address in any country or Amazon warehouse, and handle all import and export processes. Whether it is express service, sea transportation or air transportation, we will provide you with highly competitive shipping quotations.

Our services are more suitable for e-commerce sellers, Amazon, eBay and Shopify. For example, we can deliver products to end customers through “Door-To-Door” services according to the above services. You don’t need to purchase the goods or send them to Amazon warehouse.

How to work with us

Our key focus is to choose the most competitive price and to be as efficient as possible in manufacturing and delivering the goods.

1. Get your requirement

Send me a comprehensive inquiry telling me your requirements?

2.Supplier search and negotiation

Once we know your needs,we help you find and select the most suitable suppliers in China.

3.You get a quotation

We will collate prices from different suppliers, information and provide you with a quote


We will arrange qualified suppliers to send samples to you, or ask them to send samples to us for confirmation.

5.Confirm order details

When the sample is confirmed, we will confirm and organize the order details.


We will inform the factory for production according to the information of the order

7.Quality Control

We will supervise and urge the factory to finish the work within the delivery time and check the quality of the goods after the production


We will choose the forwarder to arrange booking,customs declaration, shipment, release and transportation

9. Goods arrive at your location

When the goods arrive at the port of destination,assist customers in customs clearance.

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