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About 1688 Sourcing

Rely on 1688.com(The world largest Procurement and wholesale platform), 1688sourcing works well to find the suitable suppliers and products to any of your requirement.

Our business divide into 2 parts: one is sourcing agent who help small business to find the right manufacturers or suppliers to build the supply chain, we handle everything included shipping. As a wholesaler or amazon seller, work with us you will never care about the products and just focus on your selling.

We also help Shopify sellers with their dropshipping. We work with different shipping companies and now ship more than 10,000+ packages per day, we get very good shipping price and our staff to pack and label every bag, our Shopify sellers customers are very happy because of the good feedback more than 95%, which depends on packing by ourselves so that we can check each quality and the on time delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can source any product or service from commodity to customised.

We want to work with anyone as long as we can help you, such as Amazon merchants, eBay, Wish, or others. Of course we can also work with groups of companies to assist them with large volume purchases.

Ideally, Material specifications and estimated quantities will be very helpful. The more we know about your product the more accurate the quote will be.

We can help you solve many foreign procurement problems, such as language barriers, cultural differences, different time zones, etc., so that you can work more efficiently and get more benefits


After your purchasing by yourself,if you worry about the supplier can’t do as you require,we can be your assistant to push production,check quality,arrange loading,exportation,customs declaration and after-sales service.

Our aim is to let you get the maximum benefit, the unit price is not the only choice to decide this, there is the quality of the product, the time of shipment, etc., under the quality control, we will provide you with the most competitive price.

What is 1688 Sourcing?

1688, the flagship business of Alibaba Group, is the leading e-commerce platform for domestic trade of small businesses in China. It has covered 16 major categories of industries, such as raw materials, industrial products, garments and apparel, household department stores, and small commodities, providing a series of supply services from raw material procurement – production and processing – spot wholesale, etc.

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